2019 Storm Charities Sponsors:

Other ways  Storm Charities Foundation gives back to the community:

An idea was born....

Your greatness is not measured by what you have,

but rather what you give.

2019 Storm Charities Partners:


1. 25% of the Kitty the poker run purse goes to the foundation.

2. We host a Welcome Party on Wednesday night at the Desert Storm event. At that Party we host a silent and live auction where 100% of the proceeds are added to the foundation.

3. Storm Poker Run Participants donate on a in-kind basis various denominations and 100% of that also goes to the foundation.

1. We host a Krusin' for a Kause day on Wednesday at Desert Storm. Storm Charities partners up with local community based organizations that help special needs children and adults function within their community! We then give these clients boat rides.

2. Storm Team Volunteers at various events throughout the year, to give back to our communities.

In 2011 ChristinA created Krusin' for a Kause (Formerly known as Krusin' for Kids) for our boating community to share what we all love so much. Something that we "boaters" try not to take for granted, but that some individuals can't even imagine and only dream of. Our Desert Storm Family with the help of WIN FARNSWORTH, TEAGUE CUSTOM MARINE, GRAPHIC INK, and DCB,  created a day that dedicated 100% of our time to sharing boating with others. We give special needs children and adults rides in our high performance boats. Then they get to come back and have a BBQ and pool party with their friends!

How we raise money for the Storm Charities Foundation: