The Poker Runs have grown over the years not only in participant levels but spectators! We are not complaining yet the question has become how do we as event producers keep you all SAFE? This page was solely created to inform spectators of the BEST possible places to watch and partake in the event while keeping a safe distance. Please read this page carefully for constant updates and details for the best view points, and as we call it SPECTATOR CENTRAL! Please listen and respect all STORM staff, security and of course law enforcement. All STORM staff will wear Poker Run specific staff shirts, so you know who has the right info and directions!

FUN but, GUARDED, be in the KNOW....

We totally agree that you should have fun at our events! However we have some recommendations that we hope you choose to follow! At the end of the day we want all spectators, participants, staff and sponsors to go home to their families! Keep your guard up, always abide by the lake rules and laws. Keep an eye on everything around you!! The lake is crowded so plan ahead do not be in a rush. All launch ramps will have signs describing the event. The Storm Team recommend that all passangers in the vessel wear a CG approved PFD while under way.

How can I be the best Spectator?!



SAFETY comes FIRST.....