What if my boat breaks or I do not make it to all the Card Stops?

No worries at all! That is one great thing about our event. You can get any missing cards at card turn in. You paid for them so you will get them. We have some participants that never leave the dock, and some that go out and float to watch the action. Those people come into card turn in on time to collect their cards and after the show.

We want you to have fun, and do what ever your comfortable with! :)

Follow event Rules / Instructions:

The Storm Team has come up with some rules and instructions to simply help keep you and everyone else involved in the event safe. If the rules are broken, your poker hand could be disqualified.


1. You must ride in whatever heat you're assigned to for the Poker Run.

2. Life Jackets are REQUIRED for all passengers at all times throughout the Poker Run.

3. SOBER Drivers are REQUIRED throughout the Poker Run.

4. You must follow regular lake traffic / navigation rules.

5. Boat Insurance and Registration is required to participate in ANY STORM EVENTS.

How can I be the "BEST" Participant?!


It doesn't matter if you're NEW to the event or a VETERAN PARTICIPANT. You will get out of the event what you put into it. So if you show up to the parties 20 minutes before they are over, we might be out of beer or food!!! ...sounds terrible right?!

The event has lots of moving elements. There are certain times to check in, pick up swag bags, etc. Don't show up late!!! It ruins all the fun!!  We run a TIGHT SHIP (no pun intended) because we have to otherwise it would be total CHAOS.

For example, if you do not show up to the Card Turn In in time, your poker hand(s) will be forfeited. 

Don't be ashamed to have the schedule in your pocket.... Remember, we have an app now because who doesn't have a cell phone.



Be sure to get the Storm Crew your information in a timely fashion. If you need to make changes, NO WORRIES. Just do not wait until last minute when it is TOO LATE.

Make sure your crew understands how our event works. It is fun and exciting, but ACTION PACKED!  So, if you have a great crew that will help you and have fun with you,  all the better!

My Boat isn't BIG ENOUGH or FAST enough to participate:


This is our MOST common statement when it comes to participants or folks interested in the Storm events. I'll be honest, this is the 1 thing that annoys us most. The Poker Run has grown and evolved over the years. Manufacturers are making bigger/faster boats and that is how this happened. It is not because we said a certain size can or cannot participate.

Having said that FUN FACT: We organize the Poker Run Heats based on similar boats. (like make, model, size and speed)

The event does not CONTAIN a RACE... if you want to RACE, this isn't the right event for you.


Read all communication that are sent to you. We are constantly updating and making changes to make the best event possible! Be sure to ask questions if you're unclear. 

Have you ever Wondered how you'll get your poker Hands?

We always think this is a no brainer... However, every year we have NEW PARTICIPANTS and sometime they have NEVER participated in a Poker Run before, so now we'll answer it.

You will get a card stop map with 5 locations scattered throughout the lake. Go to these stops with your assigned heat (similar boats, make, model and speed). The card stops will be boats anchored at the coordinate on the map. They all have a bright ORANGE and WHITE checkered flag. You will slow down to an idle far enough away from the card stop to not cause a wake. Approach the card stop on YOUR Passenger side. Why you ask? So your passengers can get the cards without interfering with your view or driving ability. As you are approaching you will hold up you poker hand # given to you at the drivers meeting. That will tell the card stop boat how many cards to give you. As you get closer to the Card Stop Boat they will have a 10' PVC pole with a clip on the end. Your cards will be in SEALED ENVELOPES in that clip. Remain on idle and once you are far enough away from the Card Stop and safe you can get on plane and head to your next card stop. These steps will be repeated until all card stops are completed.

!!!!IMPORTANT do not open your cards, the Storm Staff will open them for you at CARD TURN IN!!!!!


The Storm Staff are all volunteers and take time from their personal vacation banks to help us. Please be respectful and courteous to them. If you are unhappy about something, we want to hear from you and encourage you to find one of our TEAM LEADS to resolve the issue. If we do not know about it, we cannot fix it.