Owner / Event Manager

      ChristinA has been a part of the poker runs for a decade! She has helped with  behind the scene's coordination and logistics, and learned a lot in the process. Her roles have often been managing the volunteers, and the tedious tasks before, during, and after the event. ChristinA has a vast experience in event organization and planning. She has often been the lead for participant registration and prides herself on the relationship she has built with the participants and sponsors. She knows many of them by name (not an easy task when there are an average of 150 participants).  ChristinA's new role with the poker run is going to be similar in the fact that she will be doing much of the behind the scene coordination and  logistics. 

     "I want to take the event back to "the old days". The days when it catered to the participants and sponsors collectively. I want to have a Poker Run Village (everything in one place and easily accessible.) with a party atmosphere where the event Participants, Sponsors, Volunteers and Spectators are able to socialize with each other and build lasting friendships, memories, and camaraderie." ~ ChristinA  
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Dan Herron

Safety Coordinator 

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     Dan Herron has 33 years of Public Safety Experience. He has extensive training in water rescue. Through out the years Dan has worked with teams at Marine Stadium in Long Beach CA, and Mission Bay in San Diego CA. Dan has also worked several of events on the water in Lake Havasu, AZ. Dan has been a Safety Boat for the Desert Storm Poker Run for years and was previously assisting Jimmy with safety coordination.  He is excited for his new role with the Storm Team.

"I am looking forward to working as the Safety Coordinator for the Monster Storm and Desert Storm Poker Runs. My goal is to manage the events with the highest level of safety we can provide for the participants, sponsors and the spectators." ~ Dan



Owner / ​Event Manager

​        Jimmy has been part of the poker runs since their inception. One could say guilty by association, as it has been his Dad's passion. Over the years Jimmy's drive for success in the poker runs has matured, becoming a passion for him too! Jimmy has done so many levels of work for the poker runs.  From the nitty gritty grind, to being the event DJ, and most recently the Safety Coordinator. Jimmy has worked with the Safety Team over the last several years to help make a successful and safe event. Not only for our participants, but also for the sponsors and spectators that love to watch our event. Jimmy has a great safety team behind him that he will continue to work with. His personal aviation experience has also given him the knowledge to build the aerial team which provides great photography for the event. Jimmy is looking forward to his roles and responsibilities growing! 

          "I miss the days that people would rally their friends to come and participate in the event. I miss the days when we could hang out and socialize with the participants and sponsors. Everyone would stick around for the party and have a great time. I want the event to be a weekend where you count down the days planning your best rigging, crews and attire to make a statement!" ~ Jimmy

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Ashley Rodriguez                        Robert "Robb" Rodriguez

Volunteer Coordinator              Marketing / Storm App


Robert, Ashley and their family fell in love with Monster Storm 2017 and quickly became a part of the Storm Poker Run family. Robert and Ashley have been boating with their family since 2011, but have spent many years on the water growing up while spending time in Havasu, Parker and Needles.

       “We are so excited to have been asked to join the Storm Poker Run family and look forward to helping out each new event making it better than the last. We love seeing the smiles and excitement on every participant's face, while picking up their cards on a poker card stop, or waiting to see if they have the winning poker hand, and celebrating the last night of the event at the after party. We have never felt so welcomed so fast in the boating community and it feels great. We look forward to many years to come on this amazing team, and cannot wait till our kids are old enough to help out- for now they just enjoy all the fun.”

~ Ashley and Robb

      Kristy Kersten                      Nick Crane                                   Apparel Coordinator           Dock and Buoy Coordinator

         Nick Crane has volunteered for the Poker Runs for over a decade now. You might ask yourself what he brings to the table. Nick is a guy that if he tells you something will get done, it will. Rain or Shine - NO EXCUSES. Nick says he is guilty by family as he is Christina's older brother. However he shows up year after year bringing fun, excitement and a work ethic that we can count on. FUN FACT- Nick has been responsible for opening WINNING hands on several occasions now. So if you see him at CARD TURN IN RUMOR is he is lucky. :)

​        Kristy is fairly new to the events but has a great teacher in Nick. She is often found at the apparel booth. Tag teaming the apparel booth with Cousin, Jessie LaRue. Kristy is outgoing, and fun, she has a great sense of style, and helps us coordinate the apparel logistics to ensure you have great swag to go home with to remember our events.

         "I am excited that my girlfriend Kristy and I can help my Sister and Brother in Law out with their events. I'm not gonna lie, we get little sleep and it's a TON of work, but it is so much fun in the end.  We are honored to be apart of such a great family organization. Our family grew up going to the river and boating. So it is awesome that we get to volunteer our time, in something we love, and help our family too. Not many people can say they play an IMPORTANT role in the BEST BOATING EVENT ON THE WEST COAST, but we do. We will continue to show up and help any way we can. See you guys soon." ~ Nick


Lorraine and RD Sanchez

Registration Manager(s) 

        If you have been to Desert Storm, you have probably seen Lorraine Romero at the registration booth assisting Jim Sr and ChristinA.  Lorraine has become a central figure in that area and it was only fitting that she be the point person and Registration Manager for this event.  

Lorraine Romero (and RD Sanchez) made their first 8-hour trip to Lake Havasu in September 2003 when they bought their first Advantage and had to come to its birth place to participate in the Advantage Regatta. They fell in love with the City and the Lake and decided to make Lake Havasu their regular boating destination.  
       Their fate was determined when they met the Nichols crew (Jim Sr, Claudia, Jimmy and ChristinA) at the September 2007 Shakin' the Dam event in Elephant Butte, New Mexico. On their next trip to Lake Havasu, a month later they ran into the Nichols gang outside the First Cabin Club units .  "Our life has not been the same since."  
       Starting out in 2008, they volunteered 100% of their time and energy and quickly became a part of the Desert Storm family.  While Lorraine has always worked registration, she and RD have multi tasked throughout the years, working as safety boat, card stop, radar boat, pace boat, conducting safety inspections, registration, card turn in and general manual labor.  
       "While staffing the event is hard work, the experience is extraordinary -- the participants, the charity events, the atmosphere, the weather, the water and of course the Nichols family are all unique in their own.  I am flattered that ChristinA and Jimmy have asked me to manage registration.  I look forward to working with and seeing everyone for Desert Storm and Monster (now) Storm every year!"

~ Lorraine

The Storm Team comes from all over the Nation taking personal vacation from their real jobs, to make this event happen for you! We ask if you see any of our team at the events give them a high five, tell them thank you, anything kind is appreciated. They do a TON of work on little sleep and never complain! THEY ARE ALL ROCK STARS!!


The Storm Team is based on volunteers working collectively to create a fun memorable event in the West for the boating community.