A walk down memory lane... the Poker Run's History

            The Nichols Family has a long history of Marine Events, from Magazine publications to Poker Runs. It all started in 1997 with the Southern Arizona Hot Boat Association. Jim Nichols Sr. was the head of the events and his son and Daughter in law Christina were often in the background helping to make successful events.

           FAST FORWARD to 2017, Jim Sr. needed a change so he decided to retire from the Poker Run world. At which time his Son Jimmy and Daughter- in- Law Christina purchased the company.

         After the purchase, the Husband and Wife Duo made some major changes. Starting with location, the event moved to the London Bridge Resort. It is IMPORTANT to the Storm crew that the location is cohesive with the event. We love that the majority of our activities are centered around the hotel keeping our Sponsors and Participants safe! The view of the Iconic London Bridge is breathtaking. The Dock access is major as that has grown into a big social location at the Storm Events. Not to mention the amazing Staff at the Resort all combine to make an EXCELLENT event location.

           Jimmy and ChristinA are excited with this next endeavor. They are very proud and honored you have stopped by to check out our events - We THANK YOU!  This change in ownership will focus on the SPONSORS, PARTICIPANTS, VOLUNTEERS and SPECTATORS collectively to make a cohesive environment where everyone can network, socialize, and create a memorable event year after year.

         The Storm Team is comprised of many people mostly family and friends of Jimmy and ChristinA. Some of the team came out a time or two to volunteer and never left! It takes a whole tribe!  Our Moms, Dads, Siblings, Cousins, Best Friends and Great Friends are all involved to make an extraordinary event for you.

           We are very excited you are checking out our events.  If you have any questions at all feel free to reach out via our CONTACT US page. We would love to hear from you!