"BEST in the WEST":

This name wasn't given to us for no reason! Some would say that its because it is the only one of its kind in the west and that in itself is an accomplishment. However we are always changing and striving to be the best! We listen to our Participants, Sponsors and Spectators.

Geared up for SPECTATORS



Our commitment to water safety is very IMPORTANT. We intend to provide the best show possible. However, at the end of the day the show is nothing if there are injuries, incidents or accidents. We have several informative avenues to let the SPECTATORS know when and where to be for the best possible views, but to also  be in a safe position! 

As new owners of the Desert Storm Poker Run / Shootout and Monster Storm, Jimmy and ChristinA have every intention to keep the foundation of the two events. They plan to add and remove some of the activities to re-engage the Participants, Sponsors and Spectators. 

There are big plans on the horizon for these two pertaining to the event. Follow their www.Instagram.com/StormPokerRuns  and www.facebook.com/StormPokerRuns pages and join the Storm Newsletter to get up to date information and announcements!

" We Appreciate the continued support of the events and cannot wait to share all of the exciting changes with you." ~ Jimmy and ChristinA

Without the help of our fine sponsors the event would not be possible. We have researched some more ways to help the sponsors gain more exposure from our events. We think they all would agree, that with the new marketing and advertisements in place it will be a HUGE benefit for them!! 



The Nichols family has been in the poker run business for 18 years. Same great location in Lake Havasu, AZ. As we all know, the boating industry is a close family of boaters. The Desert and Monster Storm Poker Runs are not going anywhere. The Poker Runs that were once small have grown to be large and everyone now wants in on the action! Why miss out on the fun?


Why Choose a STORM Poker Run?



Do you know how many people it takes to make an event like this happen? On average we have 150 staff and volunteers that make this event possible. Without them this all couldn't happen. Have you thought of the person that works countless nights to layout that street party? Or the staff that gets hardly any sleep to be sure you have a dock slip, or the right items in your event bag, or the safety team that is there for you when needed? Our staff go above and beyond for so little. They go out of their way to do their "part" to make the STORM POKER RUNS an unforgettable part of you summer vacations!

SAFETY is our #1 GOAL and one of our biggest commitments. Our Safety team is unlike any other. We staff the lake with over 20 safety boats. Most of which have been helping for several years. Their life experience along with boating experience provides our team with exceptional and credible experience. Our Safety Coordinator Dan Herron, is the ULTIMATE say for all things related to SAFETY. We are proud to have him part of the team!

We recognize without participants the event is nothing. We are re-centering all activities around participants. The majority of all of the Poker Run activities will be at one venue. No need to drive all over town. We will have ONE host hotel! Book your room there, keep your boat there, party and eat there! ALL IN ONE PLACE!!!

                     What's the plan you ask??



There is so much to do at our events the list can go on and on. If you simply want to volunteer your time, or boat, we have the perfect spot for you. At Krusin' For a Kause our generous Sponsors, Participants and Staff help to make special needs children and adult's  dreams come true with a speed boat ride on the lake. The Street Party draws thousands of spectators, manufacturers, and participants. The Poker Run reaches an average of 180 participants, with spectators patiently watching. The shootout is becoming more and more popular among the Participants and Spectators as well; people cant wait to see who the King and Queen of the Shootout is!